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Sunny Hot Saturday in San Jose

June 14, 2010

Yesterday I went down to San Jose to visit and work with Shadow, it’s a new thing we are doing: volunteers and fosters homes get together.  We are meeting up at C.A.R.E. in San jose ever Saturday with some of our foster dogs.  We create a pack and it helps to address individual dog/foster home issues in a controlled envoinment.  It was really hot It even think the temperature

on the way home  hit 94 degrees

Shadow actually did really well, I think it has a lot to do with how tired he got from  just a small walk in the sun and it was a very hot day.  He does best in training when he is really worn out.  So before he can focus and listen to me he has to have a long walk.  I worked both with him on a prong collar and with a gentle leader, he does well on the prong collar but I can’t seem to get the quick little pinch pull correctiveness so I switched to the gentle leader.  He pulled alot on the first walk with the other 4 dogs than we went on a walk with but once I took him out for a few walks on our own he did a lot better.

I also to take a video of Shadow for UC Davis’s behavorialist to observe.  Though they didn’t come out as I hoped but good thinkgVal was there to help me.

Tomorrow I will hit the road and meet Shadow in Davis at 1pm to meet with Dr. Bain.  I’m excited and nervous to hear what they have to say.


Some pictures of shadow

June 7, 2010

Shadow’s Past

June 7, 2010

Shadow was rescued from the San Francisco ACC in January of 2010.  While being a shelter favorite he was still reluctant while in his kennel.  While in the shelter volunteers said he was very quite and stayed in the calm room where classical music played and he stuck to himself.

Shadow foster home visited him a few times before deciding that he would be a great fit for them and their female dog.

He was happy to be out  and went into their home with a great out look on life loving and giving appreciation with every kiss he landed on their lady dogs face.  Isn’t wasn’t long before Shadow realized he was out of his element before the trauma of being dumped at the shelter by his family  only to be pickedd up again by a new family that was only a foster. Shadow bonded with his new foster parents quick but he took sides and became possessive over one once the other approached.  Worried that this could turn into something more volunteers stepped in and put Shadow into a new home, which was mine.  Though my home was full with another foster Shadow came in and fell in love with my female dog and soon fell right into the rhythm of my home with ease.

After about 2 weeks, the honey moon phase I had ended and I started noticing behavioral changes he soon had become very fearful when outside, the leafs, the wind anything would spook him.  Though he seemed better with Lola (my dog) by his side but it was progressing as the days went on.

Shadow took a turn for the worse and started to lose his grounding, loud noise and other people coming into his space, everything made him nervous.

Isn’t wasn’t before long that we decided we needed to figure out what was going on with him in a controlled environment to be able to illuminate any issues that could possibly arise.

I brough Shadow down to a boarding facility in the Monterey bay where an outside training would come to work with him on a daily basis.  training and living in kennels can only go so far before you have to up the ante and take him out of the environment.  He was then brought into a home with a pack like mentality and is still there now.  myself along with his current placement are working to find out what makes him tick and with that we have discovered how to intervene situations and avoid and create less anxiety on his part.

Shadow will be making the transition from his place now back into my home in San Francisco in the next month.  But throughout the transition he will first be brought into a behavioral program at UC Davis.  One that will help pin-point issue areas and help control and safely co-exist in my home so he can eventually be adopted.  Shadow is a great dog, with so much love to give.

We are in need of funds for Shadow’s behavioral program at UC Davis.  Shadow has a group of very committed people willing to make it work for him but we need some monetary support from people in the community.

If you are able to host a happy hour event or help us raise money in any way of if you are able to donate towels, dog beds, dog food or anything please let us know.  Most of all I would like to raise awareness on Shadow’s life and those other dogs out their with similar situations, We at Rocket Dog Rescue believe that every dog deserves x amount of chances and they all deserve a chance at a happy healthy life no matter how big or small the issues are and with the help of committed, consistent determined people they can have everything under the sun that is deserved to them.

Please follow our progress with Shadow he truly is an amazing dog that deserves recognition for hanging in there.

Shadow gets a chance at a happy life

June 7, 2010

I envisioned this blog to be able to document my journey of fostering a dog named Shadow, a dog that was brought to me with large fears of the world and unknown and hopefully through consistent training you will see the progress and see what a happy dog Shadow can be.  I will try and fill in what you’ve missed along the way so far.