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Trouble is in the air

August 10, 2010

Little special troubled one…..oh Shadow.  Shadow has gotten nice and comfortable in my home and is doing so much better outside but i want to bring him to a balanced place where he is confident and comfotable but obedient and calm.  There is a fine line here, keeping up with the cofidence but bring back more of the obiendence.  I will go back to beeing a bit more distant and aloof with him in the home and he will seek and want my affection even more if I don’t give it to him, creating a more obiediant shadow.  I need to work more around his trouble areas to desensities him: Controlling lola-he needs to stop and leave her alone when i tell him the first time or else he goes into his crate. His crate- he needs to know that his crate is really mine and he can;t be weird around it with me, so i will try working with his commands and feeding him closes to his crate.

The biggest thing outside right now and because he is a dominant dog is his pulling and strength while on the leash, he needs to be reinforced by me that he can not pee where ever he wants and yank my arm out of socket when he gets a good whiff of something and he can not walk me so we are going on these very long walks where we stop ever few feet because he is pulling and he needs to know that we don’t walk when he is pulling.  I might end up switching back to a prong collar with the plastic things over the prongs to help his sensitive skin out.  I also really think I need to start saving up to buy a used tread mill.  He is a much a happier dog and now that he is confident i;m finding him to have more energy and he is only tired out after our romp through the park and unfortunatly I can not bring him to the park everytime I walk him so a treadmill might be the best solution.

My main thing I want to do is go backwards and work on his obedience inside and get him on a leash inside and stay aloof with him again because we need to find a balance between confidence and obedience and he is a bit more confident now than he is obedient.

In these pictures the two are tuckered out on the same bed even though I now have two they always choose this one because it is bigger and not as lumpy.

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