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And his true colors shine through

August 4, 2010

The more comfortable Shadow gets and the more he starts to respect me I find him looking at life with a happier outlook.  When Shadow is not nervous and afriad of everything around him he truly is a dfferent dog.  He is FULL of energy now as he probably always has been but now that he is comfortable with me it’s really showing he just loves to run through the woods with me at buena Vista before he was to afraid to be able to relaly enjoy much of anything.  He most certainly still ahs his moments and because he is getting more comfotable with me and being at my hosue it is even more reason for me to stay hard on him.  He starts to push me in differnet ways.  He tries to climb on the couch because like i will not say anything.  I cought him chewing on  chair leg, he is pushing his boundaries because I am comfortable and it’s very important that i stay on him.

So in the morning we take a long walk to the park for about 45 minutes we come inside he eats by 7:30 then we we do about 20 minutes of trianing with lola inside and i move him around each room of my apartment even the bathroom especially working on commands like “leave it” and the “look” command I want to be able to break his concentration and have him pay attention to me when he gets nervous or whenever outside of the home.

They then can play for a bit but i tend to break them up and have them both go to their beds about 5 times during a 15 minute play so they know how to listen to my voice when they get a bit to rowdy.  I have no toys around and they will sometimes pull a dishtowel off of the oven or a sock out of the laundry basket to play with.  I use the commands “Drop it”  with a treat reward and “Stop” and then “look” when they get a little to worked up in the house flopping all over eachother and then i escort Shadow to his bed.  The then have to rest in their beds and I take them outside to pee before I head out the door and I bring treats with me and work on the look command away form my front door while the muni goes by etc.  He is still having a hard time but it’s just practice and consistency that i need to stay with it for it to work.

I’m really happy about the progress that we are making but now that he is very comfortable with me I just need to remember to stay hard on him to follow through with ever command to make sure he lays down and stays in his bed when i say to(he is getting up much quicker than he used to)  His personality is really shining through now he loves to just watch people walking by getting in and out of their cars on the street.  He really is a ot of fun to be around and I know that with a lot of more work and an owner that understands him and the importance and discipline it takes to kee a dog like him happy, healthy and safe he will most certainly make someone very happy and proud.

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