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settling in

July 28, 2010

It’s almost been 4 weeks since shadow has been back and I can say  the honey moon period is over and he seems to be  well adjusted.  He is comfortable with my home and my nighbors and their dogs, he has started barking but it’s only one or two barks and never on and on.  I have yet to have him uncrated when someone comes over, that is our next task, he is doing well with strangers petting him at the park and meeting new dogs while onleash.  We make it to the park for about an hour every day and he gets plenty of excersize.  We have elimnated most of his nervousness on walks but he is still pulling a great deal, mainly when he wants to smell a bush he will dart and drag me there, most the time I can stop him from pulling me but some times keeping stern and saying leave it is not enough. He is primarily only wearing the gentle leader but it is leaving a red mark after walks around his nose, so I’m not happy about that, I’m thinking that i might switch to a Halti which has a much more comfortable strap but a higher price tag.  Inside the home he is doing well he still sleeps in his crate at night and while I’m gone.  I hope to have him where I can leave him seperated from lola but out of the crate while I’m gone, because I have been gone for long hours lately and hate to leaving him in there for too long.  My main concern about that is I live on the ground floor and I have seen him jump on the window sills to look out, if there is a dog that he wants to get to he might jump through the glass.  The other room I could leave him in I would most likely come home to him sleeping on the couch, so it’s a tough call.

I have eliminated the leash while inside because it has become a toy for him to chew on and shake, So now no leash but I must escort him by the collar to his bed many many time during the day when I am home, he has a tendency to get a little carried away with lola, he likes to role on her and flop his body all around(shakes the whole building)-it’s all in good fun but I want him to start listening to my voice command when i tell him it’s enough.  Lola will back away when i say enough and go lay down but then Shadow is still in the zone and will come over and roll his body onto his, so I continue to walk over and grab his collar and escort him to his bed.  He has been doing really great about not leaning on me or resting his head on me, this is his dominant controlling side that was really strong before, he knows how to lay in his bed when i am eating in the kitchen and cooking and will listen when i tell him to go lay down.

Over all his personaly is really showing and he is a lot of fun to have around, I have seen nothing but happiness in his eyes in my home, and i ahve continued to stay extremely calm but assertive around him.  When I  have to talk on the phone I go outside, if it is with customer service and i get annoyed i do not want shadow to sense my tension so i remove myself from him.  Our main goals are car rides, pulling on the gentle leader, eliminating escalating play time inside(get him under voice command) and staying calm and obedient starting with inside the home and moving to outside my house .

Here are a few pictures of him patiently waiting on his bed for me to say he can roam around.

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