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Sunday in the park

July 19, 2010

We had a great weekend, Shadow got to see Mark and Petra for the first time since he has been here and they brought along Yogi too!

We got a chance to work with him on some of the more difficult things, there is one certain street/block that he becomes unnessisarily uncomforatble with and we brought him down there and we had him pause every few feet and relax and take in the noise and commotion so he will soon trust that nothing bad is goign to happen to him on the street.  I knew he was relazed when he would take a hot dog. We worked on getting him not to pull on the gentle leader and how to stay only one head length in front of me and not two.  Making him heal will take a awhile but it’s a slow road and we have all expected that fact.

We took a nice long stroll to the park yesterday, Shadow loves walking on the trails and sniffing every leaf and every tree trunk.  Here are some of the pictures.

Also i have added a picture of both the dogs in the crate, the crate in the past has caused shadow lots of stress but one night while i was calming trying to get him into the crate lola decided she would go in too.  I shut the door for a second and they could have cared less that they both were in the crate together.

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