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Sunny days

July 15, 2010

So it’s been about 1 1/2 weeks since Shadow has been back with me.  It;s been up and down but now it seems to increasingly get better for all of us, or maybe we are all just adjusting and getting used to the schedule.  I still have a lot of work to do with him trusting me outdoors he isn’t there yet.  Walks have been quite difficult we are now trying a different route that he seems to approve of more, but we are working on addressing those issues on the route that he doesn’t like.  It seems to be interestections and the electric muni that really begin to make him nervous or if people are walking beind us.  This morning I went on a great walk with him at about 8am a little later than i have been )was going earlier to elimante the amount of people that he might get nervous from) this walk this morning we went up towards Twin Peaks and crossed a very busy interestection with lots of cars and he got nervous but I walked him out of it, I am now used to his nervousness and I ignore it completely.  I really ignore it now, before I thought that I was ignoring it but I think there was a part in me that would continue to look down and glance at his body language and think to myself how long should I go, now I really let my mind be blank and I do not check his body language at all but I can feel him on the gentle leader swinging his head back and forth but i push through and he is now coming out of those nervous spells before we even get back to my house and on uncharted streets.  It has so much to do with my confidence and him trusting me but we are working on it. Before walks I now have put on my joggig shoes and actually prepare myself for a work out and stretch before hand.  It’s challenging but when I see results it’s great.

We actually just got back from another successful walk this time we brought Lola with us, he really enjoys being with her but it’s been difficult for me because she is a handful on her own and I don’t want to over stress mylsef or him but we had a great walk.  We went to Buena Vista park and I used a prong collar this time because he is much better on that and controllerable and I think he is more comfortable too.  Once we got there I let lola off the leash and let her do her thing chasing squirrels and running up trees and then I walked through the bushes with him, he was in heaven walking through the trails, he would get nervous when lola would get out of sight though but then he would relax once she came into sight.  He is super tired now and everyone had fun.

Our biggest goal now is to get him to take treats and do the look command outside, we are still trying to conquer it inside and at my front steps outside but he is still uninterested and we are working with hotdog, cheese, and those natural balance log treats but his curiosity and anxiousness is his first concern when outside but hopefully overtime he will soon become desensitized and will realize what he has been missing out on.

He is doing great while inside, he goes right to the bed and lays down when i tell him to, when i go into another room I have him follow me and he does this without me holding onto the leash.  The funny thing is when i tell him to go lay down Lola assumes i am talking to her too and since i only have one dog bed they both go to it and try to cram on it, it’s funny though but they both listen and have no problem being very close to each other.

Hopefully i can start bringing a camera out on our adventures and be able to upload pictures of him in action on the streets.

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  1. LENA permalink
    July 15, 2010 7:27 am

    this is great!!- he looks very happy too. your good diana .

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