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Sunny Hot Saturday in San Jose

June 14, 2010

Yesterday I went down to San Jose to visit and work with Shadow, it’s a new thing we are doing: volunteers and fosters homes get together.  We are meeting up at C.A.R.E. in San jose ever Saturday with some of our foster dogs.  We create a pack and it helps to address individual dog/foster home issues in a controlled envoinment.  It was really hot It even think the temperature

on the way home  hit 94 degrees

Shadow actually did really well, I think it has a lot to do with how tired he got from  just a small walk in the sun and it was a very hot day.  He does best in training when he is really worn out.  So before he can focus and listen to me he has to have a long walk.  I worked both with him on a prong collar and with a gentle leader, he does well on the prong collar but I can’t seem to get the quick little pinch pull correctiveness so I switched to the gentle leader.  He pulled alot on the first walk with the other 4 dogs than we went on a walk with but once I took him out for a few walks on our own he did a lot better.

I also to take a video of Shadow for UC Davis’s behavorialist to observe.  Though they didn’t come out as I hoped but good thinkgVal was there to help me.

Tomorrow I will hit the road and meet Shadow in Davis at 1pm to meet with Dr. Bain.  I’m excited and nervous to hear what they have to say.

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